How to use FBML in Facebook

I want to create FBML in facebook but i don’t know how to create. I tried to create many time but it was not working.
Please help me :confused:

FBML has been depreciated in place of iFrame based applications that key into one of Facebook’s development interfaces.

Facebook Developers has many app examples and documentation over the interface code.

Facebook Markup Language (FBML) - Facebook Developers explains the end of FBML and migration

If you have a more specific question we can likely help more as well.

justincamp - FBML is depreciated and no longer supported. You should not be using the code anywhere as it will not work with Facebook.

Instead you need to use the iFrame method as explained at the developer website I linked too. You can find sample scripts to create a tab using remote content there.

If you just want to create a tab that loads an existing page you may want to consider using a third party service like Involver or Buddy Media to serve it up for you so you don’t have to code any apps.

HI ted s thanks for your information, I also want to kn ow how to call a web page in FBML, if you know then please send me the code.

Thanks to all for giving your precious suggetion.

Dear friends
can somebody explain that why facebook recomends to use iframes instead of FBML.

Ted S already answered that last question, FBML was the old way of developing applications which had a heap of restrictions where as now they can be more securely run through iframe’s but allow for more developer freedom when writing the code.

Thanks SgtLegend
i am agree with but friend what do u think about google +

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