How an article can be unique?

I want to write an article but the problem is to make it unique?

Simple - write it yourself using information in your head. As long as you don’t copy from an article you have already written your new article will be unique - even if it says the same thing as you or someone else has already said, all the words used will be different because they are your own.

Articulate what you want to say in your own words. Be inspired by other articles but don’t rip them. There is a fine line. Also, think of unique titles. Pull out the good ol’ thesaurus.

Most of this, shall we call it typist’s block, comes from a lack of any focus on a specific reader or their interests, no goals for the article other than traffic, and no purpose in composing the article than filler content.

Adding any one of these – target, goal or purpose – can and does give you a path to a unique article.

Do Not write the million-sixth article about web design for nobody in particular – write about web design for plumbers. (And NO, I do NOT mean the same generic article keyword-stuffed with the word plumber for no apparent reason)

Do Not put into your own words the zillionth “How to never hire me by doing it yourself, here’s how” article – write a how-to-hire article.

Do Not write the next Copyscape passable reader repellent – compare two things that aren’t usually compared – write about how building a web site is like fishing. (or whatever your favorite hobby or sport is)

Do Not further disintegrate web design by writing another hair-splitting article about less and less; take a dozen disintegrated “bits” and find the common thread linking them together – write about images, layout, and text all working together for some strategic purpose.

Do Not drop a single solitary new buzzword, put the “commerce” back into ecommerce or the management back into the CMS.

Do Not regurgitate the inbred, monkey-see monkey-do thinking of an industry, break out of their box. In other words, don’t decry Flash …then do every last terrible thing anyone ever did with Flash using politically correct jquery, HTML 5, and CSS 3 – discover users and User Interface Design rather than the pointless interface decoration everyone else does.

Do Not write yet another see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, say-no-evil puff piece – write about the dirty little industry secret like The Megapixel Myth in cameras.

You can use a duplicate content checker tool to check the percentage of uniqueness of your written articles. I use Copyscape and Articlechecker.

hold on a second there, please

if you wrote the article, why do you need to use a duplicate checker? you wrote it, so it’s got to be original, right?

on the other hand, if you didn’t wrote it, don’t post it!!

you are just polluting the web (hurting all of us)

and you’re not helping yourself either, because duplicate articles are downgraded and will eventually drop off the search results sltogether

Although you are right, I use a duplicate content checker (copyscape) for everything I write. I do it because of all the research I do in writing. I want to be sure my articles are 100% original. If they are not, I go back to the “drawing board” and try again.

If you want to be sure your articles are original, in researching them read through a minimum of three (that’s bare minimum) research sources. Then go and write your article based on what you remember you have read.

Bookmark your resources and after you have written your article, go back and appropriately add citations for facts that you gathered from your resources.

In my opinion, if an article is written in your own words from your thinking, there is no need to use a duplicate content checking tools.

Write the article in your own words. Don’t go for Copy n Paste. But you can do the research for the topic on different article sites and blogs.

Everything that needs to be said has been said.

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