Tips for Unique Article Title

How we can find the Unique article title because when we write or suggest an article title and then search it in search engines that is already there so what do you suggest regarding how to select the best relevant and unique, compelling article title.

You can’t find it or it wouldn’t be unique. Use your own brain :slight_smile:

really not easy to find a unique title, if you can, put the title into google and search, using exactly match " "

As you said “unique”, it is hard to get anywhere. You can refer to other articles’ title how they write their title.

If you cannot find the words and construct a “unique” title, I’ll advise you to write the simple title that described your article. Make it short and simple.

Google adword keyword tool help you selecting a better Title or keyword.

That’s fine if you are writing your articles for search engines. If you are writing to compel visitors to be interested in your content and read on, then take Dan’s advice and use your brain.

Adding a good title to a piece is often one of the most difficult parts of writing. Often, writers try to do it first, but it doesn’t have to be done that way. First write your article and then read through it to see what would most interest your visitor.

BTW… titles don’t have to be unique. If you do a search on any tech topic, you’ll find oodles of blog posts and articles that begin with “10 great ways to (fill in the blank)”.

I just write a good title that fits the article and don’t worry if it is unique in the world. I would however recommend using a longer title since just like long tail keywords if you title is longer the better chance you have to make it unique.

Plz help me to find the unique and compelling the article title <snip> i am waiting for your response regarding the selecting the best and relevant titles. Thanks in advance

Sorry Johnletton, members here aren’t going to do your work for you. We’ll give you advice on how best to do it yourself, but this forum is not here to provide free services.

If you’re asking other people to give it to you than you publishing it won’t be unique. I know this is a lot to ask of an internet content writer, but come up original thought.

Sorry for that sir and you may hope that this will not happen again. Thanks

Hehe… you put that well…wasn’t sure if I was actually understanding the post right! :lol:

i can suggest you to how to check unique content… but letting you know unique title is really difficult.

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To write a unique title for a content, you should be able to identify your topic first. I mean, there’s no better way to do that. For example you want to write about how to create your own website, you just don’t write a very boring Title like: How To Create Your Own Website. To make your title unique, you should:

  1. Keep it short and simple
  2. Use words that provides action (eg Exciting, Compare, Run)
  3. Be Creative (eg 101 Ways to Run a Cool Website)

Well, i think you get it. :slight_smile:

Getting unique title is definitely a tough job. But the most important thing is to grab the attention of your visitors to read your post. Be creative and use some call to action sentences in your title along with your keywords. Use short title which describes about the page. Title should not be too short or long, 65 characters would be normal.

This is OUTSTANDING advice.
And regarding Search Engines: remember that Search Engines don’t read only the title. If the title is supported by the content, searchers will find your article when looking for that idea/concept/fact/operation.

well i guess you should also have a proper keyphrase searched. and try to use magic words for your title:) use the power of spinning so you wont hard to find some words to be needed:)

i usually try to think of how I would word the title before I even look it up online because once you do, it feels like my brain trys to just rearrange whats already there.

The title is most often, one of the toughest thing to make as a writer. It really depends on how you see it, because most titles I encountered is base from keyword phrases continued with a more precise overall description of the post.

So I think you want to be unique, then writing it in a more creative approach is the way to go. But I’m not sure if that would be SEO-friendly.

Guess the most searched results are shown as default. However you can use online search for similar words and use your creativity to make an interesting title.