HotvsNot Directory is it worth paying for?

I’d like to know if directories such as is worthy of paying for being listed in their directory?

My opinion is ‘no’.

I wouldn’t even waste my time getting a link from them for free.

With search engines looking to rank sites based on the quality and relevance of it’s back-links, directory sites like this pass almost no quality or relevance. Most of the pages have no PR to pass any way, are just pages of hundreds of links each dividing up the equity, and then with no real editorial relevance surrounding the links.

Add in to the mix search engines actively devaluing paid links, do you actually think you’ll get any traffic from them?

If you’ve got money to burn and you’ve exhausted every other link-building initiative, then sure - other than that, well - I wouldn’t even with your money…

Many directories are worthless, many are worthwhile. Look at the age, backlink count, and strength of the directory. And THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to look for is the cache date of the page you hope to be listed on. If it hasn’t been cached in the last 6 weeks or so, don’t submit there.

I submit my sites to top directories:,,, yahoo directory, and has a massive backlink profile, strong domain, and VERY recent cache dates. For my projects I submit there as well.