Hot Dating Offers?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering what’re the best-performing dating offers right now? Easy convert and stuff for a newbie.

Thank you in advance for any input.

Didn’t you have a bf? :smiley:

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the best performing dating offer in my experience is flowers followed by lots of vodka coolers

um, sometimes i wish i didn’t. :x

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Do you think followers + white russian will work the same magic? lol

Can I ask what a “bf” is?

The shortened term ‘bf’ is opposite to 'gf ’ meaning; Boyfriend (bf) and Girlfriend (gf) respectively.

I’m with you except just go strait for the Vodka

What sort of dating service are you looking to promote? Adult dating seems to be where the money is these days. I’m actually considering starting an affiliate/commission based program for my speed dating business. Out of interest, as someone who would help promote my product, if I was to offer you £5 per ticket sale (tickets are £20) would you be interested in promoting it? (this isn’t a genuine offer…it’s hypothetical) i’m just interested to see if that sort of payout would be worth an affiliates time. Due to the nature of my business it’s probably about the best I could do.

Am I the only one confused?

Define “ease of conversion”. If you want easy converting and don’t mind paying, go to Amsterdam :smiley:


I think flower is the best option for dating :slight_smile:

I think everclear works better than Vodka

Go visit facebook and, You will find many people who would be interested in meeting

I think Red Rose is the best option for dating :smiley:

some people don’t drink tea, though

I prefer coffee rather than tea :wink: