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Entry #1: Words to judge –

  • ninnyhammer
  • gamut
  • fanfaronade

[CENTER]How to be a successful dater in 10 lessons

Do you feel acclumsid when you meet a woman?
Does your mind suddenly turn into an abditory when you look into those beautiful eyes?
Do you start talking gobbledygook when she says hi?
Do you turn into a ninnyhammer when you smell her perfume?
Would you like to defenestrate yourself the moment she turns her attention to you?

Stop despairing!

The entire gamut of emotions that prevent you from conquering the woman of your heart will no
longer be a problem after you followed our infallible course

How to be a successful dater in 10 lessons

[FONT=“Times New Roman”]For only $9.95you will learn how to conquer the love of your life.

This is not a fanfaronade, it really works!
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No more need to bring your sphygmomanometer. No more need to wait and despair for days, months, years, until maybe she will get some eleemosynary feelings.

Remember, your future can be full of joy and happiness too!
[FONT=“Times New Roman”]And it’ll cost you just $9.95

We’re so convinced of the success of our course, we even give you a
10 days not satisfied refund guarantee![/FONT]

[FONT=“Times New Roman”][SIZE=“4”]So you’re not even risking a boondoggle!

What are you waiting for?[/SIZE][/FONT]

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Entry #2: No words at top of this entry. Pick the three underlined words that you want to judge.

SOLOPOWER: Your one-stop shop for all solar power equipment!

When it comes to the ‘problems’ that our environment is facing due to our constant need for electricity, do you end up as a ninnyhammer with a sphygmomanometer?

The thing right now, is that we are in an interregnum with regards to our electricity production methods. Thermal and Hydro-power is making way for Nuclear and Solar and Geo-thermal (and what not) power.

More importantly, do you also feel that with increasing costs, you need some alternative for your power needs?

Most of us are in a fix with this gamut of problems. What can we do?

Well, either of two things: either go back to the candlelight times of Edison’s parents, or get some renewable form of energy.

If you belong to the latter category, then we here, at SOLOPOWER have exactly what you need: Solar Power that’s renewable, and of course, affordable.

Saving you from the gobbledygook that usually ends up confusing you more than it clarifies things, here’s why you will find our service valuable:

Independence: Unlike nuclear or geo-thermal power, you can get solar power at your home itself.

Affordability: After the initial setup cost, there is almost no monetary input involved.

Service: Our world class service will make sure that any complaints or problems are dealt with as soon as you make us aware of them.

We are always looking to listen from present and perspective clients. Feel free to contact us.

Entry #3: No specific words requested for judging. Judge 'em all! :smiley:

The Adventures of a Food animal Sheep

Once upon a time in a forum far away lived a Sheep this was no ordinary sheep for this was a food animal sheep, a Super Sheep called Sarah. Not like anybody had seen before and that’s no fanfaronade because unlike most fleeting sheep this one was no Ninnyhamer. She had nerves of steel neither were she acclumisid when faced with certain death, a ewe with lightening reflexes.

Unsurprisingly for an animal made from food she never tired and if you checked her pulse or used a sphygmomanometer to determine her blood pressure you wouldn’t even get a reading. There’s no gibberish in this story or word of a lie but strangely she had a body that resembled a cauliflower. Plus a face the somehow looked somehow looked like potato.

However, her eyes were most mesmerising they shone astonishing sapphire blue which could place you into a deep trance. This sheep was special and her secret ‘super power’ was telepathy but with a twist… She could actually communicate with cats, yes cats.

Well, one day Sarah was minding her business surfing the internet when all of a sudden something disturbed her concentration; her white cat appeared at outside the window and began meowing. Sarah’s brain interpreted the cat’s peculiar yowling, it was mentioning something bad had happened, something terrible, something about a threat to the internet called; HTML5.

“Oh dear, not that floccinaucinihilipilification!” bleated Sarah…

Entry #4: [floccinaucinihilipilification, sphygmomanometer, boondoggle ]

[INDENT]An Elegy on Lost Love

My dear, sweet love, the very paradigm of beauty,
Hath left me now, and stolen my heart’s booty.
My soul is thus acclumsid, my thoughts almost commensurate,
With those of souls who sigh and then defenestrate.
My gamut of emotion thus, myself a ninnyhammer,
I spout this gobbledygook, and cry, and stammer.
This end was unexpected, a paraprosdokian:
I had expected joy, but got an instaban.
But no, I shall not fret, nor seek an interregnum
Betwixt the tyrannies of sorrow and regret.
I shall not beg forgiveness, nor ask for explanation,
But simply will accept her floccinaucinihilipilification.
Nor do I seek your sympathy or eleemosynary gestures:
I turn my back on charity and all its sickly vestures.
I shall accept my fate, my plaintive cries shall peter,
Lest vexing thoughts o’ertax my sphygmomanometer.
My darkling heart, once such an abditory,
I’ll open wide, and not conceal my story.
Nor shall I justify myself with some fanfaronade,
But rather soothe my injured heart with lime and lemonade.
No longer shall I seek to win the hearts of maids:
I’m done with these boondoggle escapades.
On this I am resolved, I openly declare …
But hang on—who’s that pretty lady over there?[/INDENT]

Entry #5: [boondoggle, paradigm, fanfaronade]

Managing those Tricky Projects

Faronade: curing the boondoggle blues

Is your latest business enterprise turning into a great boondoggle? At Faronade, we help to bring out the boon and banish the dog from your projects. We turn failing enterprises into highly profitable success stories.

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We will review your project with you, then lay out a tailored, comprehensive action plan to ensure guaranteed success. Our management coaches will work with you on each stage of the project, advising on everything from expenditure to managing client and other key stakeholder expectations—all in straightforward, jargon-free language!

Let’s face it: a failing project can turn you into a ninnyhammer, with everyone ready to turn on you and point the finger. After working with Faronade, your project will not only be a great success, but will establish an operational paradigm for future undertakings in your industry. And the kudos will be all yours!

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