White Label Dating Affiliate Programes

Any recommendations for any White Label Dating Affiliate Programes?

I know some but I’m not sure if I can post links to adult sites here. Well, as far as I know some programs also don’t list this option but if you are a serious player they can setup a custom branding for you, you just need to ask them about it.

The largest and most popular is whitelabeldating.com They have been around for years so you know they will pay.

Dating Gold - we can do mainstream white labels.

I have no complete details about White Label Dating Affiliate Programes but I can help you for Affiliate Programes. It is a part of Affiliate marketing which is getting popularity as the best alternative of Google Adsense. But it is important to do it in right direction. so one should collect complete info about it before apply to any Affiliate Programes.
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Im working in Dating since 2006.

I was using 4affiliate and 4resellers.net till last year.
Now I’m working with anastasiasaffiliate.com having better profits using Per First Order program, but they also offer other programs like, per lead program or per each order program.

You can use only banners and put them in your site, make your own site, or even use whitelabel program.

I work with other 3 programs, but with this one I have the best incomes.

Take a look and make a test, I don’t think that you will regret.

Good luck

I remember reading bad reviews about them back then. Is this not true anymore? I’m looking for one as well.