Hosting Upgrade Advice

I’ve been running my freelance web design company for a couple of years now and have built up a nice portfolio of projects.

I have been using a reseller hosting account and have been very happy with their service. (Site HQ). Solid support and little no downtime.

I have recently come to the point where my bandwidth usage is about to outgrow my reseller account and am trying to decide which road to take next.

  1. Purchase additional bandwidth using my existing UK based hosting provider
  2. Purchase a new reseller account based in the US, offered by my current provider but offering more inclusive bandwidth and server space
  3. Change to a new hosting option - any suggestions?

Purchasing the new reseller account based in the US (but with the same hosting company) seems the most cost effective option as I get a lot more for the same money.

However I was wondering why is it cheaper to buy US hosting? Would I get any sort of performance hit on my websites by using it to host UK based sites?

I would suggest not going to the US based Hosting. One reason is that you are catering to the UK and if your servers are located in the US how do you think that will look to Google when someone does a local search. Google pulls from the servers closest to you and therefor you should keep your servers in the same country or close to where you are.

To answer you question on why the US has cheaper hosting plans is the exchange rate. Your Euro is worth more in the US.

I would consider looking for another hosting company in the UK.

I believe your web host will tell you to move to their VPS or dedicated etc. What you need to get from that conversation is the size of new web hosting solution. Then use that while search for the web hosting companies.

Another option to consider, depending on whether much of your bandwidth use comes from only part of your sites rather than distributed equally across them all e.g large files download, may be to utilise a cloud based storage facility in addition to your current reseller package.

You could use amazon s3 or a similar service to provide sub domains via a cname e.g and then offload bandwidth intensive files there, with the added benefits of speed, resilience and economy.

US Based hosting is generally cheaper than UK down to datacentre costs being lower and this filters downstream through colocation, dedicated server providers and shared hosting resellers.

If you’re very happy with the service you’re getting currently, I’d think twice about a complete move, a marginal saving in cost will be trivial if you commit to somewhere you end up being unhappy with.

If you’re on their top level Reseller account then there are a few options if you want to stay with your current host:

  1. Ask if you can upgrade you current account with extra disk space/data transfer
  2. Some hosts don’t always publish all upgrade paths so it’s worth asking what they can offer you
  3. Buy a second reseller account from them

Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated.

In the end I did a little negotiating!

I’ve been very happy with my current host after a fair bit of trial and error with previous cheaper options.

They are a little more expensive but their support and service has been great.

So after a few emails back and forth I have simply purchased some extra server space at a nicely discounted price.

@EastCoast That is a bit harsh to paint all hosts with that brush.
There are absolutely a number of hosts that just try to get any extra pennies out of customers, but others are in it for the long term business relationships and genuinely appreciate your business.

I would say the first option would be to lay out what you want from your host and see what they say. Don’t just accept everything they say, and do your own investigation into what would be best for you - but give them a chance if you’re currently happy with them

I suppose that your web hosting company would be the best in this case to ask advice. Really. They know you and your needs and they know your tendency of growth and if you are friends and loyal to each other I’m sure you will get good and cost effective suggestion from them.
Good luck

Disagree entirely. The majority of web hosts will advise you to do whatever is easiest and most profitable for them, particularly larger hosts. They certainly won’t be familiar with one customers site needs and growth statistics amongst thousands of other sites.

I see time and time again cases where slight optimisations could save a site operator from having to upgrade their hosting, or even could downgrade and save money, but the host inevitably just wants them to spend more money and upgrade, because it’s not in the hosts interest to do otherwise.

  1. Buy a second reseller account from them

That was that first thing that came to mind.

However I was wondering why is it cheaper to buy US hosting? Would I get any sort of performance hit on my websites by using it to host UK based sites?

If your target market is UK, I would probably stick to UK hosting. Somewhat faster download speeds, and possibly an SEO advantage for your customers as well, especially those who don’t use a domain.

All that being said, it seems to me that your current host has quite a limited reseller hosting top package. There should be UK hosts that offer more, sometimes for relatively less. There is some advantage in not putting all your eggs in the same basket.