Hosting a free download on your website?


I have a simple question.

I am creating a site that caters for free downloads for Blackberry mobile software, games and themes.

Currently I only have links on my site, to other good sites that host free downloads.

I plan to expand this a bit and add a few choice freely provided applications and such to my website by hosting the downloads on my own site.

My question is this basically, if i host a download that is provided free by the developer on such terms that it is licensed for unlimited free use for uncommercial use to individuals.

Is that legal, or would I need the developer to express their permission for me to host the download on my own site?

Now keeping in mind that the download page will contain a link to the delevelopers own download location aswell, i mean, would anyone really mind do you think, or is that breaking the law?

Unless the developer specifically states in their licence that the software may be freely distributed, you’re going to need permission.

I don’t see the problem though, just contact the developer and ask for permission. Most will probably say yes. Eventually as your site becomes popular, they’ll probably contact you requesting to be added.

Thanks alot for your reply.

And it is not a problem, no. Just seems like quite a daughting task is all :eek:

But like you say, it will hopefully get to a point where people are emailing me :slight_smile: Yay!!

You might need to check your web host’s Acceptable Use Policy too. For example, some web hosts do not allow software downloads on their systems unless you actually own the copyright to the software. It’s not a general rule, I’m sure, but it’s worth checking your AUP before they suspend your site!


A good point, and one I had not thought of, thanks alot. I will check with them now!