Use of File hosting sites and torrentz link on my site - do i need face legal Issues

I am planning to create a movie download site. if i provide torrent files for download in my site, do i need to face the legal issue from movie producer. what if i upload movies to a filehosting site like mediafire and give the download link on my site.

Yes, you face a number of possible legal problems - plenty of sites are getting either taken down or litigated against because of merely linking to infringing content, even if it isn’t hosted on your servers. The fact that you are clearly uploading the content yourself, or at the very least, actively encouraging others to do so, is going to do you no favours. And if you take advertising revenue, that’s pushing you into what the US ICE are classing as ‘criminal copyright infringement’.

Basically there are now plenty of court verdicts in various countries that have moved towards liability even if the material is not directly hosted. The entertainment industry are incredibly powerful, so yes, it is likely that you will face issues at some point, either directly from the entertainment industry, or from the governments that they spend billions of $$$ lobbying to.

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You may face legal issues, and should face ethical issues.

You should not have any problems provided that you actually have written permission in advance that allows you to upload each of the files and to offer it for download.

On the other hand if you are stealing the files in the first place then you will have problems regardless of what you do with them.

If i don’t upload anything . If i just copy the link location of the torrent file and place the link on my site. will it be a problem. ?

Most hosting providers have it specified in their terms of service that they will shut down your site if you so much as link to illegal material.I have heard of several people who lost their site because of one or two inappropriate links. They tried unsuccessfully to argue that they hadn’t uploaded anything contrary to the TOS and were told that just linking to it was sufficiient cause to be shut down.

If you knowingly profit from the promotion of goods in violation of copyright and US laws and are in a jurisdiction where these apply it should go without saying that yes, you will face problems – from your hosting provider, the copyright holders and potentially worse. That you’ve admitted to knowing the copyrights are being violated in public does not help you should you ignore the ethical and legal risks and trek down that path.

Come on, you know the answer to all this, you’re just waiting for someone to say ‘oh don’t worry, you’ll be fine’ - no one is going to say that.

Seriously, if you want to do that stuff, get yourself a domain from an obscure TLD and host the site in the Ukraine or similar. You know you are on dodgy legal ground, so best to stay away form any county who signed the Berne Convention treaty.