Clone website software?

I heard somewhere of free software where you can use to clone a website ?
Thanks for advice. It is legal software ?

Clone a website? Do you mean downloading the site entirely on your PC? If so than there are few such softwares available which can download site content for offline viewing and as I know they are all legal because they can only download web pages in html not the dynamic scripts etc.

It’s called site scraping, and many people hate it because it sucks down more bandwidth than a pig at a feeding trough (and yes when I say pig I am specifically and exclusively referring to the barnyard animal).

Why would you wish to clone a web site? To steal someone else’s work? If it was your own site you wouldn’t be asking, would you?



That’s usually true but there are some exceptions. For example I recently purchased a website that was made with a CMS that I didn’t like, using unecessary dynamic pages and a database where I would have preferred straight HTML. So I simply used httrack to download the whole site from my server. Bingo - a nice simple HTML version ready to go.

Some of us don’t have the luxury of having the internet on our home computers, and I personally do a lot of downloading of information while I have internet access, to read at home at my own leisure.

Thanks for the link, all4nerds.

A major use of this type of software for me would be to assist in replying to questions posted in forums such as this one - many times, the entire page in question has to be worked on locally to resolve problems, and individually searching for and downloading all the required elements is time consuming.

However, none of the ones I have tried so far parse the css files to get linked images (and other linked css files), which makes them pretty useless. Persuing the Httrack site doesn’t really indicate whether this one can do that - all4nerds, have you used this program, and if so, does it parse the css files ?


Yes, downloads standard HTML CSS files, + all the images if in folders on the same server, the only thing that is not downloaded is IE css hidden/or linked in conditional comments
The program will work 99% of the time, but maybe needs a little tweaking

Thanks - wil try it :slight_smile:

get banned by google if you do it, and post it on the net