Homesite 5.5 and Windows 7

Hey All

I have just upgraded to Windows 7 Pro and have found that it does not work properly and have now discovered that Adobe no longer supports it.

Therefore I guess I need to find new software.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use. I would prefer something more along the lines of Homesite rather than something like Dreamweaver.

Thanks for any help.


Check out Microsoft Expression Web. You can use it, fully functional, free for 60 days before you have to buy it.

A full version (non-upgrade) is $99 at many stores

Dreamweaver CS4 is $375.99

I’m so far doing okay with HomeSite 5.5 on Windows 7. :flippy:

For those who are having problems, check

You may have read that Homesite 5.5 is not compatible with Windows 7. This is not fully true. It depends on the version you have. I have been able to get Homesite 5.5 to work with Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate. Here is what you need to do to make it work.

OEM home versions will not work. You should get the Ultimate version if you want all networked drives to map properly.

You will need to download and install Microsoft’s Virtual PC (free download). See Microsoft’s site for the versions of Windows 7 that will install Virtual PC. It will definitely NOT install on the home version.

Install Homesite in virtual XP mode after you have installed Virtual PC.
The installation routine in Homesite 5.5 never worked right for me on any of my machines (including XP- Typical Adobe slop), therefore you want to copy the homesite directory from your old computer where Homesite is running flawlessly and save it on a CD for now or the future.

Overwrite the homesite directory with your copied directory if Homesite hangs after the installation.

You will need to RUN homesite in virtual XP mode each time.

I have had no problems at all. It has worked beautifully. In fact, the installation problem was clearly in Adobe’s installation routine, because I was able to install the program in Virtual XP Mode easily. The problem I was having is that Homesite was hanging on the first screen after the install. Copying the directory over solved that problem AND put back all my custom stuff :smiley:

I also have Microsoft Web Expressions. It is very similar to Homesite, and if you want a newer program that you won’t have to worry about it may work out for you, but if you are a Homesite die-hard you will immediately notice it does not have the same bells and whistles as Homesite. I still like Homesite better.