High traffic free forums

just looking for high traffic forums and communities, to chat there, and get some traffic to my sites . Share links here.
Just found some good celebrity forums :

Cheers !

Thank you for the links.
Myspace, of course.

I will post more in this thread , post yours if you find some …

Sport forum :


Associate programs also has some good traffic

Hi, I am a fitness enthusiast and martial artist. Last 5 year I am involved with bodybuilding and as an amateur reviewer if someone needs to know about Bodybuilding and related nutritional Supplements, then you may put questions in the forum. Gives the best of my knowledge.

I hope you could bring along topics for real estate there in your forum that makes a good sense for me.

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Thanks for sharing wonderful sites. Myspace is the best one.

lots of forum use nofollow links on signature

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