Need High PR Niche forum List

Hi, I am searching for some UK educational sites with high PR. I searched a lot in Google but not found effective result. I used advanced Google search but not got my required result. The sites I found was not very satisfactory. I need high PR. Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.

What you are asking for is pointless. Spamming forums will just get you banned.

Why i will ask pointless questions? I need them. Sir, can I know how I am spamming here? Have i shared any link or used any links via signature? I just need help. Your reply disappointed me. Thanks for reply.

You are asking for a pointless list of forums so you can join and post a link by spamming in hopes you get a high PR backlink which is pointless because forums are a poor means of getting high quality backlinks. Even if you managed to get such a list, those education websites would be limited to qualified individuals and most likely, use nofollow. Even if you could signup, the moment you start spamming you’ll be banned.


I also want niche forums list realted with email

[FONT=Verdana]Sorry - this forum is for asking questions related to Internet Marketing. It is not the place for lists of other forums or similar. You can find those by searching the Internet. (logic_earth has already explained why that’s a pointless exercise, but if you want to do it, carry on.)

Thread closed.[/FONT]