Location=no but still i see addressbar

hey all,
i m working a web app in which i wanna remove the address bar after login. i created a function in which i said location=no but still i see the address bar. is there any other object to disable it? or am i doing it wrong

Many browsers now prevent, by default, hiding the address bar for security reasons (phishing).

yes i know that but is there any hack to it

If there were, the whole thing would be rather useless, don’t you think? Spammers and phishing sites would already be using that ‘hack’.

This is under the user’s control. Just accept it and move on. :slight_smile:

If it’s for an intranet or similar, you can ask your users (or change the default config) to allow the script to hide the address bar. Decent browsers allow that setting on a per-site basis.

well that is hard to tell my boss which says get it done! anyhow is there any KB or Technical pages from mozilla in which they state this kind of thing, so its official and i can stand on solid ground before presenting it to my boss with the theory.

I don’t know. I don’t use Firefox (except, reluctantly, for testing). I can’t even find how to enable this in Firefox. :-/
It’s three clicks in Opera, though. :slight_smile:

Here is some info.

Firefox Support / Knowledge Base /JavaScript that shows the Advanced JavaScript Settings where the checkbox to allow scripts to “hide the status bar” is normally disabled.

Paul, that setting is for the status bar, not the address bar. It’s related, but not the same.

Here’s the documentation relating to the address bar setting.


Ignore “location=no” in the window features argument of window.open() and prevent popups from hiding the Location Bar. (Default in Firefox 3)

Allow popups to hide the Location Bar. (Default in Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey and prior to Firefox 3)[/indent]

my location = no yet the browsers shows the location bar

you can try to window.location = ‘’; or window.close();


As it says in the documentation, Firefox 3.0 and later ignores the location=no command.

Only Firefox 2 and earlier automatically obey the location=no command.

wht abt IE? it ignores too. i don’t know how to convince my boss on solid grounds

It takes one minute of research!!

From MSDN: Open Method

[indent]The behavior described in this comment is by-design. In Internet Explorer 7 and later, you cannot remove the address bar in Internet Zone windows, for security (anti-spoofing) reasons. As described in the MSDN article above, in IE7 and later, location=no simply hides the back/forward/stop navigation buttons, and makes the address bar read-only. (The reason you can hide the address bar when the file is saved locally is that the file is opened in the Local Machine zone rather than the Internet Zone.)

-EricLaw, Program Manager, Internet Explorer Security.[/indent]