Here is a workround for opening CS4 eps files in CS2


If you’re stuck on Adobe CS2 and have clients sending you CS4 eps artwork it’s a bit embarassing to have to go back to them and ask them to save it down.

I’ve since found that you can open CS4 eps files in Adobe Acrobat 7 professional which comes with CS2. You can then save as a pdf and open in Illustrator. I suspect this process might work for ai files as well…

I hope similarly credit crunched designers will find this helpful.

Nice trick. If it only worked for Corel .CDRs too… :slight_smile:

Thank you soo much, it works. I have tried and got success.

Thanks for that, very useful. :slight_smile:

If somebody sent to you an EPS file for printing, you don’t have to open it. If you need to put the file in a certain way like four of them in one big sheet of paper, just place them in a new inDesign file or PageMaker, or Quark or Illustrator himself.
Use the “Place” menu command, that way the complete file would be placed without having to open it and it will print to the Postscript printer for separations or color printing.
If you are not using a PostScript printer you may first convert your EPS to PDF trough the Distiller directly or after placing the EPS inside any other layout software.
Just make some tests and have fun. :slight_smile: