Help with header and logo set using wordpress and bootstrap

Hi. Just wanted to know the best way to go about creating a header like the one here

I am currently using wordpress and bootstrap. Is it just best to edit my header.php file and code it like in the tutorial and create another css file ? I want the navigation to be responsive? Sorry for my ignorance guys just new to bootstrap

I’d actually skip bootstrap and grab the basic theme @
it is already pretty responsive and if you are comfortable w/css you can code your own theme.
An alternative is making a child theme from the newest 2014 theme. Also responsive
As for the centered logo, if you look at the code you’ll see it is absolutely positioned. And if you shrink the browser it is not actually responsive.

However using media queries or other styling styles you could still make it responsive.
But bottom line I don’t think you necessarily need to grab bootstrap. the latest themes from wp are pretty responsive.

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WOW. Thats brilliant Sherpa. Ive been out of touch with the web design thing for a year or to now and didnt know the best way to go about it. My new design for my site is very similar layout to that theme as well.

Thanks very much

np. glad i was able to assist. And if you do use underscores you’d have to tweak the css some to make it responsive as well as un-comment two functions to add the header and thumbnails.
Just a heads up & happy coding :slight_smile:

Thanks Sherpa. Have been following few videos on you tube of it today ‘Build Wordpress Yourself’ and its covered that thank you :wink:

If you like underscores as a starter theme & if you want to use Bootstrap as well… who said you can’t have both? :wink: Checkout _strap which is underscores + Bootstrap. So you can now get up & running on all the responsive & grid stuff straighaway. It has LESS included by default and if you’re into SASS instead then grab your Bootstrap SASS files from here -

If you do end up using SASS then just one more thing - there’s a _strap.less file in the theme with some custom styles specific to the theme itself. Those can be converted to SASS easily - manually or search for one of the many LESS to SASS conversion guides online.

ha! agree w/you asp…but then you’d have to also override the bootstrap settings if you wanted something diff.
However i suppose it might fall in ok w/underscores as the user would not have to make it responsive themselves.
So that’d probab be a good solution.