Getting back into building sites - Where to start?

Just joined, so hello!

I’m primarily a UI/UX designer but I previously could build responsive sites using bootstrap 3 and used SASS basics. I’m looking to get back into this and want to be able to fully build my designs and use Wordpress for the CMS. I really don’t know where to start and what to learn, I haven’t touched flexbox, CSS grid etc.

Could anyone give me some ideas of where to start?


My first observation is if you want to use a framework such as Bootstrap or similar and incorporate your own CSS Wordpress is going to limit your options and greatly complicate the introduction of your own code and overall design

I’m unsure what the best way to go regarding frameworks, previously I’d used a very lightweight version of bootstrap mainly just for the layout side of things. I’d be required to create custom views for Wordpress based on whatever templates required.

Yeah, that’s my problem, Wordpress isn’t (in my opinion) that easy to customise. I do like it as a CMS but it’s a lot of work and research to significantly tailor the appearance and any upgrade to WP or the template or any plugins can invalidate what you have changed.

I mean how much CMS do you need to provide, apart from the uploading of content and images most of WP is focused on changing the appearance mainly via templates, yet you want to control the design.

I had a similar issue and decided to go with Bootstrap 4 for the design and separate some content into a blog format maintained by WP. That way I kinda get best of both worlds

The company I freelance for normally give their clients full control over the site so wouldn’t just be the blog they would want to control. Would need to be all the content in the pages as well as a lot of work is handed over with filler content. Their developers normally just create custom templates for it and they only use Wordpress so my hands are tied in that respect sadly.

Then really I guess you are now in the business of developing WP templates :smile:
The only alternative I could suggest is to look at the custom CSS facility in Wordpress, inserting html into the actual page content and editing the PHP content. But any user could change that and mess things up