Make logo responsive in wordpress

Hi guys.
I am still working on customizing this responsive WordPress theme I bought. It looks great on desktop computers and even on the iPad. But on an iPhone the logo sticks out of the layout making it look horrible :frowning:

I guess I will have to try to overwrite the theme settings by adding code to the css files manually but how do you choose the breaking points and stuff like that?

I appreciate any help or tips anyone can give me :slight_smile:
Here is the site if you want to take a look…

It doesn’t really matter what break point sizes you go for - you just need to select it for when the image first starts overlapping, which it looks like around 500px wide - so maybe start at that width and work your way down…

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TheWPDevelopers is correct, although since you’re theme is using bootstrap 3, which is mobile first, i’d keep your media queries similar to the framework and start with the small and work your way up :slight_smile:

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