Help me please!

Hello there please help me to solve the query i am facing off. The query is i have created a (1)form,(2) DATABASE AND (3)DASHBOARD in which user inserts her personal details like profile picture etc and after attaching the image in the form the attached image should be shown in the profile picture of the dashboard.
I have tried it but it is accepting the image of the single user only which i inserted wih my own and how come it can be possible to add images into dashboard if there are more than one visitors and which language would be the easiest…

Out of interest @amitkanjiyani3398 “Help me please!” is not a very useful title. It may not encourage people to read your thread and it is not very useful when people may be searching for a similar problem to yours.

Onto your problem and I think you should add your code so people can look it over. Particularly the form and the part of the code that inputs the data into the databse.


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