Need Developers view on this!


I have a website that has being developed by a company and there is a few things they are saying regarding a few technical issues that seem to be a bit odd to me. I am not at all technical but I will try and explain what I mean.

The website is set up so clients have a admin area were they can upload text based descriptions of their products accompanied with images to create online profiles which users can view. The problem I have is that when ever a client chooses to edit some text for example, when they go to the edit page the image file is no longer attached and the client has to find the image on their pc and reattach - which is obviously a giant pain.

I’ve asked my web company if they can fix this so images remain attached when editing and they’ve said that its a big technical issue that they’ll have to look into. From my point of view this only seems like a small thing to do and it should have been developed like this to Begin with.

The latest version of php and mysql has been used to dev the site.

Any tips on how this issue can be fixed or solved would be greatly appreciated. I can then explain to them how I know its a simple job then in case they are ripping me off!


Yes I would say the people working for you are incompetent. Something is not right with how they are updating the database but it would be impossible to tell exactly what’s wrong without seeing the code. An intermediate level PHP coder could get it working for you so I hope you’re not paying much. It’s basic database manipulation.