Associating submitted data with image

Thanks everybody for your kind contributions to my tread. The uploaded image is now properly aligned, but form data after submission needs to relate to the image. Like say: profile image and submitted form data for storage and retrieval. Kindly assist, please. Regards.


	if( isset($_SESSION['user'])!="" ){
		header("Location: home.php");
	include_once 'dbconnect.php';

	$error = false;

	if ( isset($_POST['btn-signup']) ) {
		// clean user inputs to prevent sql injections
		$tin = trim($_POST['tin']);
		$tin = strip_tags($tin);
		$tin = htmlspecialchars($tin);
		$name = trim($_POST['name']);
		$name = strip_tags($name);
		$name = htmlspecialchars($name);
		$dob = trim($_POST['dob']);
		$dob = strip_tags($dob);
		$dob = htmlspecialchars($dob);
		$resaddr = trim($_POST['resaddr']);
		$resaddr = strip_tags($resaddr);
		$resaddr = htmlspecialchars($resaddr);
		$phone = trim($_POST['phone']);
		$phone = strip_tags($phone);
		$phone = htmlspecialchars($phone);
		$comptin = trim($_POST['comptin']);
		$comptin = strip_tags($comptin);
		$comptin = htmlspecialchars($comptin);
		$compname = trim($_POST['compname']);
		$compname = strip_tags($compname);
		$compname = htmlspecialchars($compname);
		$compaddress = trim($_POST['compaddress']);
		$compaddress = strip_tags($compaddress);
		$compaddress = htmlspecialchars($compaddress);
		$email = trim($_POST['email']);
		$email = strip_tags($email);
		$email = htmlspecialchars($email);
		$newname = trim($_POST['thumb_name']);
		$newname = strip_tags($thumb_name);
		$newname = htmlspecialchars($thumb_name);
		// basic name validation
		if (empty($tin)) {
			$error = true;
			$tinError = "Please enter the TIN.";
		} else if (strlen($tin) < 15) {
			$error = true;
			$tinError = " must have atleat 3 characters.";
		} else if (!preg_match("/[0-9]+/",$tin)==TRUE) {		//if (!preg_match("/[A-Za-z0-9]+/",$tin)==TRUE)
			$error = true;
			$tinError = "Name must contain alphabets and space.";
		// basic name validation
		if (empty($name)) {
			$error = true;
			$nameError = "Please enter your full name.";
		} else if (strlen($name) < 3) {
			$error = true;
			$nameError = "Name must have atleat 3 characters.";
		} else if (!preg_match("/^[a-zA-Z ]+$/",$name)) {
			$error = true;
			$nameError = "Name must contain alphabets and space.";
		if (empty($dob)) {
			$error = true;
			$dobError = "Please enter your Date Of Birth.";
		} else if (strlen($dob) < 3) {
			$error = true;
			$dobError = "Date Of Birth must have atleat 3 characters.";
		} else if (!preg_match("/^[a-z A-Z 0-9 -\'.-]{2,20}$/i", $dob)) {
			$error = true;
			$dobError = "Date Of Birth must contain alphabets and space.";
		if (empty($resaddr)) {
			$error = true;
			$resaddrError = "Please enter your Residential Address.";
		} else if (strlen($resaddr) < 3) {
			$error = true;
			$resaddrError = "Residential Address must have atleat 3 characters.";
		} else if (!preg_match("/^[a-zA-Z ]+$/",$resaddr)) {
			$error = true;
			$resaddrError = "Residential Address must contain alphabets and space.";
		if (empty($phone)) {
			$error = true;
			$phoneError = "Please enter The Phone Number.";
		} else if (strlen($phone) < 3) {
			$error = true;
			$phoneError = "Phone Number must have atleat 3 characters.";
		} else if (!preg_match("/^[0-9 ]+$/",$phone)) {
			$error = true;
			$phoneError = "Phone must contain alphabets and space.";
		if (empty($comptin)) {
			$error = true;
			$comptinError = "Please enter your Company TIN.";
		} else if (strlen($comptin) < 3) {
			$error = true;
			$comptinError = "Company TIN must have atleat 3 characters.";
		} else if (!preg_match("/[0-9 ]+$/",$comptin)) {
			$error = true;
			$comptinError = "Company TIN must contain alphabets and space.";
		if (empty($compname)) {
			$error = true;
			$compnameError = "Please enter your Company Name.";
		} else if (strlen($compname) < 3) {
			$error = true;
			$compnameError = "Company Name must have atleat 3 characters.";
		} else if (!preg_match("/^[a-zA-Z ]+$/",$compname)) {
			$error = true;
			$compnameError = "Company Name must contain alphabets and space.";
		if (empty($compaddress)) {
			$error = true;
			$compaddressError = "Please enter your Company Address.";
		} else if (strlen($compaddress) < 3) {
			$error = true;
			$compaddressError = "Company Address must have atleat 3 characters.";
		} else if (!preg_match("/^[a-zA-Z ]+$/",$compaddress)) {
			$error = true;
			$compaddressError = "Company Address must contain alphabets and space.";
		//basic email validation
		if ( !filter_var($email,FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL) ) {
			$error = true;
			$emailError = "Please enter valid email address.";
		} else {
			// check email exist or not
			$query = "SELECT userEmail FROM users WHERE userEmail='$email'";
			$result = mysql_query($query);
			$count = mysql_num_rows($result);
				$error = true;
				$emailError = "Provided Email is already in use.";
		// password validation
		/*if (empty($pass)){
			$error = true;
			$passError = "Please enter password.";
		} else if(strlen($pass) < 6) {
			$error = true;
			$passError = "Password must have atleast 6 characters.";
		// password encrypt using SHA256();
		//$password = hash('sha256', $pass);
		// if there's no error, continue to signup
		if( !$error ) {
			$query = "INSERT INTO users(tin, userName, dob, resaddr, phone, comptin, compname, compaddress, userEmail, newname) VALUES('$tin', '$name', '$dob', '$resaddr', '$phone', '$comptin', '$compname', '$compaddress', '$email', '$echo ' '$thumb_name')";
			$res = mysql_query($query);
			if ($res) {
				$errTyp = "success";
				$errMSG = "TaxPayer Successfully Registered To CRIRS Database";

			} else {
				$errTyp = "danger";
				$errMSG = "Something went wrong, try again later...";	

//define a maxim size for the uploaded images
define ("MAX_SIZE","400");
// define the width and height for the thumbnail
// note that theese dimmensions are considered the maximum dimmension and are not fixed,
// because we have to keep the image ratio intact or it will be deformed
define ("WIDTH","150");
define ("HEIGHT","100");

// this is the function that will create the thumbnail image from the uploaded image
// the resize will be done considering the width and height defined, but without deforming the image
function make_thumb($img_name,$filename,$new_w,$new_h)
//get image extension.
//creates the new image using the appropriate function from gd library
if(!strcmp("jpg",$ext) || !strcmp("jpeg",$ext))


//gets the dimmensions of the image

// next we will calculate the new dimmensions for the thumbnail image
// the next steps will be taken:
// 1. calculate the ratio by dividing the old dimmensions with the new ones
// 2. if the ratio for the width is higher, the width will remain the one define in WIDTH variable
// and the height will be calculated so the image ratio will not change
// 3. otherwise we will use the height ratio for the image
// as a result, only one of the dimmensions will be from the fixed ones
if($ratio1>$ratio2) {
else {

// we create a new image with the new dimmensions

// resize the big image to the new created one

// output the created image to the file. Now we will have the thumbnail into the file named by $filename

//destroys source and destination images.

// This function reads the extension of the file.
// It is used to determine if the file is an image by checking the extension.
function getExtension($str) {
$i = strrpos($str,".");
if (!$i) { return ""; }
$l = strlen($str) - $i;
$ext = substr($str,$i+1,$l);
return $ext;

// This variable is used as a flag. The value is initialized with 0 (meaning no error found)
//and it will be changed to 1 if an errro occures. If the error occures the file will not be uploaded.
// checks if the form has been submitted
if(isset($_POST['Submit'] ))
//reads the name of the file the user submitted for uploading
// if it is not empty
if ($image)
// get the original name of the file from the clients machine
$filename = stripslashes($_FILES['image']['name']);

// get the extension of the file in a lower case format
$extension = getExtension($filename);
$extension = strtolower($extension);
// if it is not a known extension, we will suppose it is an error, print an error message
//and will not upload the file, otherwise we continue
if (($extension != "jpg") && ($extension != "jpeg") && ($extension != "png"))
echo '<h1>Unknown extension!</h1>';
// get the size of the image in bytes
// $_FILES[\'image\'][\'tmp_name\'] is the temporary filename of the file in which the uploaded file was stored on the server

//compare the size with the maxim size we defined and print error if bigger
if ($sizekb > MAX_SIZE*1024)
echo '<h1>You have exceeded the size limit!</h1>';

//we will give an unique name, for example the time in unix time format
//the new name will be containing the full path where will be stored (images folder)
$copied = copy($_FILES['image']['tmp_name'], $newname);
//we verify if the image has been uploaded, and print error instead
if (!$copied)
echo '<h1>Copy unsuccessfull!</h1>';
// the new thumbnail image will be placed in images/thumbs/ folder
// call the function that will create the thumbnail. The function will get as parameters
//the image name, the thumbnail name and the width and height desired for the thumbnail

}} }}

//If no errors registred, print the success message and show the thumbnail image created
if(isset($_POST['Submit']) && !$errors)
echo "<h1>Thumbnail created Successfully! </h1>";
echo '<img src="'.$thumb_name.'">';
echo "$newname";

$target = mysql_real_escape_string($target);
mysql_query("INSERT INTO users(thumb_name, newname, target) VALUES ('', '', '$target')");

/*if ($_POST["submit"]=="profile_image") {
	mysql_query('UPDATE users SET profile_image = ".$pathToImage." WHERE userName=""');


If you’re only storing one image against each user, I would use the unique id for that user as the image name, whether that’s your TIN, or just the unique id row from the database after you create the user. If you need to store multiple images, there are many options depending on how many images, whether the images are fixed-usage or not.

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