Help looking for a Web Developer

I’m not trying to find someone here, I just can’t seem to find a web development company with my needs.

I need a company that can build a website similar to

Can someone direct me? I really don’t know what kind of development this would be.

That page isn’t that good in my opinion… if you really want a page like that every decent agency should get that job done…

Why is that? Are the ones you found not capable of making such a site? Or are they too expensive?

Yeah…I’m not thinking that the site mentioned is that good, either. From a design standpoint.

Edit: In fact, after looking at the code, it’s really not a very good site - in fact, it’s a pretty bad site. (No offense)

If you’re looking simply for a developer (to write the code), then any professional should be able to do it.

I don’t know why you don’t want to hire anyone here…the Advisors, Members of the Month/Year, etc. are all brilliant and fantastic at what they do.


On behalf of the Sitepoint Staff (Advisors, Mentors, etc) thanks for the “vote of confidence” @TehYoyo;
One very good reason to NOT directly ask to hire someone here is that such a solicitation it is expressly forbidden in the Sitepoint Guidelines.

Ah…didn’t realize that. In that case, don’t do that!

And you’re very welcome.


You can contact .<snip>
its a web development company

Like Thom said, there are sites like: that might be more appropriate and you cannot hire me anyway. :slight_smile:

I understand the rules of the forum and it’s not my intentions to break any rules I really like the advice here. But what I was really looking to get is some advice of where I can go and talk about this situation. Somewhere where I can ask question like, who would be a good candidate to do this job? What companies would you recommend?, etc…

Please don’t answer those questions, just give me advice of where in the forum I can get this sort of advice. Or what other forums do you recommend.


You can always check out Freelancer sites, but as people said: any decent agency can create that type of page and possibly a way better one. Check out the SitePointMarket if you’re looking to contact someone or get a quote :slight_smile:

My advice is not to outsource too far, meaning that a local agency may be a bit more expensive than one across the seven seas, but you know “where you have them” - Just my thoughts though, I’m sure plenty of people have found help/work across the globe, this is the world wide web afterall!

(Hope that isn’t against the forum rules)

Someone can contact you here if he wants to hire you… but you can’t promote yourself or ask for the job (or even suggest that you want it), even if you do it by pm.

Edit: @wilsonusman; you say that you don’t seem to find a company that can do that for you. How many companies did you contact and why did they turn you down? I’m assuming that your needs are more complicated than what that page suggests or is it that you don’t find their prices reasonable?

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