Hello, A developer to the rescue!

I am promoting a cause and looking for a web developer to spell out the details accordingly. Thanks alot!

Hi, @vfbennyme. Could you please explain what you are referring to?

We no longer have a Jobs category here, so you can’t advertise on the forums for somebody to help. You can, of course, ask for advice in finding someone.

This is not something I’ve ever needed to do, but I would think the best way is probably to find somebody locally, so you can talk to them and discuss what you need and what it would cost before making any kind of agreement.

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A piece of advice or two when hiring a developer/company… make sure you detail exactly what they are making to the nth degree. I mean really document everything, you will be making X amount of pages, this page needs to do this and this page needs to do that, get that all in writing and a signed agreement.

Set specific goals and tie that to payment. You only get installment 1 when you deliver a complete design that we sign off etc.

Always look at past projects they have worked on.

We are currently working with a company and having a nightmare as a colleague was allowed to commision them and we weren’t able to check this kind of stuff and now we are fixing the mess we are in.


Depending on what that “cause” is, you might be able to find someone willing to work at a discount rate, or pro bono. If it’s a charity or non-profit (rather than a political cause or similar), some devs might be willing to give a discount. Otherwise, you could try looking for somebody just starting out who’s trying to build up a portfolio; they might be willing to take it on cheaply, or even free of charge, to get the experience and have something in their portfolio to show potential employers.

@TechnoBear that is pretty cool piece of advice!

I want to revive reading culture among young people… If this does not give any clue, please do not wait to prompt me by way of assisting me.
Thank you for the hard-earned timely reply!

Please, have you any knowledge of this site www.upwork.com?

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