Help code not working

Hello, please can someone help me.
I am trying to create a clickable map on My image is 500x300 pixels. When I try to get the code it keeps giving me a circle with a cross in and the code doesn’t work on my website. Please can anyone help me? Here is the code, thank you.

<!-- Image Map Generated by -->
<img src="Untitled_design-8_500x300.png" usemap="#image-map">

<map name="image-map">
    <area target="_blank" alt="Africa" title="Africa" href="" coords="186,190,252,188,251,258,185,259" shape="poly">
    <area target="_blank" alt="Asia" title="Asia" href="" coords="419,57,419,128,487,128,483,57" shape="poly">
    <area target="_blank" alt="Australasia" title="Australasia" href="" coords="425,212,493,212,494,285,425,284" shape="poly">
    <area target="_blank" alt="Europe" title="Europe" href="" coords="276,16,342,16,342,87,275,89" shape="poly">
    <area target="_blank" alt="Latin America" title="Latin America" href="" coords="51,166,118,165,118,235,49,235" shape="poly">
    <area target="_blank" alt="Middle East" title="Middle East" href="" coords="316,135,384,135,384,206,318,205" shape="poly">
    <area target="_blank" alt="North America" title="North America" href="" coords="120,57,120,128,188,128,188,57" shape="poly">

The code looks valid…do you have this page online somewhere it can be viewed?

Hi there m_hutley,

I can give you the O.P.'s image…


…and it appears that the coords are not quite right.:eek:

I’ve got to go out, so can’t amend them just now. :wonky:


Well the coordinates not being right doesn’t equate to the OP’s description of the failure:

The coordinates being in the wrong place (to me, at least) are not the same as ‘doesn’t work’.

Hi there catrinamcgrail,

check out the attachment, which has amended coords.

It also gives you a choice of using circular or rectangular
shapes or both and it will fit on mobile devices if necessary. :winky: (66.0 KB)



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