Image map

What, if anything, is wrong with this code?

<td width="100%" height="210">
	<img src="images/cover-blank.png" alt="image-map" />
	<map name="map">
	<area shape="rect"
		href="/html/index.htm" alt="HTML Tutorial" 
		target="_self" />

Every example I see says this is right. When I mouseover, click, nothing.

It’s contained in a php page, don’t know if that makes a difference.

I doubt any of the examples you saw had usemap missing, assuming the examples you saw were working examples :wink:

You should also have a closing </map> tag but most browsers should be able to work around a missing closing tag, although I would advise against leaving them out.

I don’t do PM’s.

I don’t see why you won’t post a link because any link you PM me I could then post anywhere I like if I wanted to.

Have a look at this tute on image maps.

It shows you how to set up and use an image map correctly.

just needed the “usemap”


Maybe, but it’s exactly like at least one of the examples I’ve seen :slight_smile:

Where are these “obvious” mistakes you’ve spotted so far?

Unless you allow private messages I can’t pm a link. I preffer to keep my sites from popping up in forums.

Can you post some links to examples you have seen that say your code is correct.

There are at least 2 obvious errors in your code I can see that I doubt very much would be in any examples you have seen.

Thought you meant you wanted to see my site, thus my reluctance to post a link.

As for an example of a messed up example, maybe I just can’t find the one that didn’t have a “usemap” in it, or maybe I just missed it. In any case, why you’re so adamant to prove either is a mystery to me… Let’s make it easy and just say I missed it :slight_smile: