Image Map not working on a Mac


I have created an image map (code below). Can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

<img src="" usemap="#services" />

<map name="services">
<area shape="circle" coords="315,80,65"    href="">
<area shape="circle" coords="110,290,65"   href="">
<area shape="circle" coords="315,290,65"   href="">
<area shape="circle" coords="520,290,65"   href="">
<area shape="circle" coords="315,500,65"   href="">

<a name="Client"></a><br/><img src="" width="800" />

<a name="Needs"></a><br/><img src="" width="800" />

<a name="Orientation"></a><br/><img src="" width="800" />

<a name="Preparation"></a><br/><img src="" width="800" />

<a name="Delivery"></a><br/><img src="" width="800" />

Add a width=“600” to the img tag. Your image is 480 pixels width, but the actual size to get the clickable areas to fall within the circles is to enlarge the image. This works:

<img src=“” width=“600” alt=“” usemap=“#services”>