[Help] Hunt Expired Domain

I am in the hunt of finding some good expired domain with listings in search engines, backlinks and maybe a PR as well some traffic… I want to buy them new no biding jut re register them with my hosting service… Now is their a free service out their that can help me find some?

You can do 2 searches an hour for free at deleteddomains.com

Bear in mind that PR doesn’t remain when a domain expires so you will need to start again from scratch building links from Google’s point of view.

I would like something free… And able to look up at domains that are EXPIRED. And I can register them for the standard fee.

whois.domaintools.com … you can lookup deleted domain names for free all day long. (some of the ones you lookup might be taken already)

Can I have the direct link to the proper page please?

Actually I was being sarcastic. You are asking for a lot of leg work and services for free. Everyone would like a list of available, high-paying, keyword rich domain names with a high PR and lots of backlinks without paying any money to find these magical results. It just doesn’t happen.

Although on the site I posted above they do have a domain suggestion tool based on keyword(s) entered if you looked at the top navigation under ‘domain suggestions’. You are however going to have to invest a lot of time to find good ones to buy that have PR, backlinks and search engine rankings.

I agree. And even if you did find such a service, what is most likely is that all of those “good” domains would probably be already re-registered by the time you find them using such a free service. Anything of real value is gonna cost something. It may be money, it be be time. Don’t expect anything worth a high value to come free, fast, and easy.

Hey DomainScorer

check the this site for expired domain names (elinkhunter. com)

you will find all expired domain names via calendar, you can track the expiring domain names day by day

You can check with die4domains.com for daily update of expired domain name with page rank, hope this help.

The one main thing you need to understand. You are not alone in this race. What you need: read namepros forums to learn how. Maybe you will need to have some late nights