How to grab expired domain with PR?

How to grab expired domain with PR?Where is the best place?

How to grab an expired domain name depends on what phase of its “life cycle”
it’s in. If it’s still expired but not deleted by the registrar, check the registrar’s
fine prints to see if they’ll “auction” it to an interested party within a period of

If the WHOIS says it’s on “redemption period”, count 35-36 days from its last
updated date. That’ll give you a rough idea when it’ll become available.

I wrote more about this in my blog if you want more details. But that’s if this
is a .com being discussed here.

FYI, when a domain expires its PR goes away so you won’t get it. So if you’re after the PR don’t waste your time.

not true, it takes time before the pr “disappears”

But it does disappear and probably sooner rather then later which defeats the purpose of buying them.

I have a domain i have just registerd and has not yet been indexed by google. It has a PR of 3. THe only reason a site gets PR is links to other sites with PR. It will ramin weather the domain is lited in google or not. Of course until the next update then google will revise the domain name.
please use the www.


  1. The toolbar PR is stale. You don’t know if that PR is still there.

  2. What good is PR if it is only temporary? If Google is going to drop it once it indexes the site it’s as good as never having it.

You can keep the PR on the domain buy doing a little link building before the next update is due. People tend to pay more for PR domains for some reason.

PR does not mean very much, most of the time PR domains never have traffic, nore do they rank any higher in google. There are 1000s of PR domains dropping everyday and people are just snapping them up because the demand for PR is so great. Yet people fail to realize is that PR is just an achievement more than a positive step for your site.

Then that is new PR. The old PR is still lost and that is what people are buying. So buying old domains for their PR is still useless.

As a general rule, yes. The problem is buying expired domains with PR doesn’t get you any PR no matter how much you love PR.

The new buyers typically assume that they can keep it though. Unfortunate for them; nice for the seller.

Exactly. :agree:

Normally an expired domain pagerank drops a little at the next Pagerank update.

But be aware that most of expiring domains have a fake pagerank. Such domains drop to Pagerank 0

Actually, all pagerank disappears. Google removes all pagerank and backlinks for expired domains.

Not true. The reason why PR disappears is because Google removes the PR. Do you really think that most domains actually have fake pagerank? Like every person who decides to let their domain expire actually participate in a fake pagerank scheme? :rolleyes:

Sorry but that’s wrong … If I take a look at my expired domains the still have PR and Backlinks in Google

No but most expiring domains with a high PR are hijacked and their PR is not valid

You do realize backlinks and PR are updated publicly only every three months or so and the information you see is stale? That means you have no idea what the current information is and won’t until they publicly update that data again. And even then, that information is still possibly stale.

If true, and I’m not sold on that as it is a very broad statement to make, it doesn’t matter. PR is removed anyway.

Hmmmm lets take an example domain from my list.

I bought this expired domain at at 29.10.2006

I build up a website designed with an software like traffic equalizer… put adsense on it and sold a few links …the domain was a PR5 when it dropped

Since the last PR update it went down to PR2 (checked at seologs today)

It has still backlinks in Google

I made more than $300 with sold textlinks and around $150 with adsense.
All from an expiring domain… took me less than an hour to do all the work.

(I have some trouble at the moment and no time to fix it thats why no homepages comes up)

don’t forget the alexa ranking–its practically worthless, but it may be a selling point to a potential buyer who can’t be convinced that its worthless…

The PR displayed for a web site on any toolbar may be several months old. Google zero the PR as soon as the domain expires, it just takes time for the toolbars to see the change. There is no such thing as buying a domain that already has PR and a site that hasn’t been indexed by Google doesn’t have PR either since Google must know about the page in order to give the page a PR.

I have found a few pages which domains have a high PR but are fake pr’s.
Be sure the run some checks before purchasing an expired domain with high PR.

I often buy expired domains with page rank and have found that…each one is different.

I have never had two go the same way. I have had ones that tank within days of me buying them, others that last a few months, a few that have gone down a few notches, a few that have gone down then back up and one lucky one that never seemed to lose at all!

It’s crazy.