【Help】For Website Page Feedback. Please let me how to improve this page. Thank So much!

I just start web design(I’m a graphic designer before, more print/creative direction), yeah I know many things make me feel little confused, so as a newbie in this area, I really need your help.

About this website background:
This is about an online teaching,education website. The brand main color is red. They don’t want to change their brand color and the site basic layout structure(it means keeping the user profile on the head of the site, the top-left-right layout structure)
So what I do mostly is page visual part, not invole the site structure and IA.

Please check out this link below, it’s just a mockup now:
Profile Page Design Mockup
Please let me know your thoughts, how to improved the website to make it looks more professional and easy to use? how about the font using, layout space, etc? Any kinds of suggestion is helpful.
I’m really appreciate! Thanks in advance.
(ps: I’m not a native English guy, so if some words using wrong, please guide me :slight_smile:

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