Help Compiling a WP Theme

I was hoping someone could help me compile a WordPress theme to make it a workable WordPress Theme ? :slight_smile:

what does “compile” a wordpress theme mean?
Bit confused.I have complied c# codes,c++ codes…i guess it is not compling like that…
Do you mean create new wp theme?

Making a WP Theme out of HTML/CSS design :slight_smile: So I just say compile :slight_smile:

ok “compile” is a technical word so i was confused.

any way start from here

Once you have seen 10 videos from there,you will know lots of things

There is one another book that teaches the same,but may be video first will help you a lot

There is only one problem, I’m on very short time and I need to have this finished as soon as I can, or if someone can help to complete it.

then get some free templates and edit it(esp css)
(many free templates are good and does allow you to modify)

cannot see easier,faster option than that

google for free wp templates

Why would I do that, I have one done it just needs to be brought together for WordPress.

Well, essentially it isn’t that difficult. Can you post you HTML-code here?

Do you know how to make a WP theme I have the HTML / CSS done !!!

I strongly recommend you take a look at those videos ASAP if you’re in a hurry.

IMHO, You have two viable choices (or you could look for someone to do it for you in the MarketPlace), either take an existing theme and hack it into what you want.
Or take what you have and bang it into a suitable WordPress Theme.

You are having problems because the ideal way to go about it is to understand how a theme is put together before you start. Not that it can’t be done, just that it won’t be so easy.

A theme is HTML and CSS but also PHP with WordPress specific “hooks” and functions. So you really need to know what you want to use and where. Only by understanding how themes work will you be able to do this.

Excatly …you(poster) need to be half php developer atleast to intregrate wordpress content into your css and html
for eg
for get latest post
it uses
while ($wp->getposts(…params));
it is not mvc based as other and php code are directly written into template file

and (to poster) editing wordpress template to get started is not crime until you use it to get idea and both cause any license problems…

Please post your code here, I can help you to divide the code in the different parts Wordpress needs (template files) and pun you on the track with template tags.

Just download a free theme… have a look at the tags they use and use them within your theme. That is if you are short on time.

I know lots of half decent wordpress theme ‘creators’ and / or integrators who do not have a working knowledge of PHP.

You can’t just expect someone to do it for you, just because you are in a hurry. We can help you if you are just willing to post the code here AT THE VERY LEAST.

I would rather work with someone who knows PHP.

So what is your exact question? Do you need someone to help you with a theme? If so are you willing to pay?

Based on your answer to the last question you will find someone of decent skills.

Good luck with your search.


me bit busy
but when i found this…i remembered the post here :slight_smile:

any way this might help you

what they claim

Is This Series For Me?

If you can answer yes to any of the following, this series should help a great deal.

* I have zero experience with WordPress, but have some PHP knowledge.
* I have some CSS and HTML knowledge, but still struggle when converting a PSD
* I've never sliced a PSD before.
* I've used WordPress, but have never created a theme for it.
* My CSS skills are rusty.

I didn’t answer yes to any of those questions. I don’t think that tutorial will help me, compiling a page with HTML and CSS can at times cause headaches, then to properly insert the right PHP code for it to communicate with a server that doesn’t need a explanation. You can’t relate taking specific programming/scripting code from another page and cutting and pasting it within your own page when the entire scheme of things are different, I’ve tried routes like that with other situations and the results were equivalent to walking in mud.

As you have no experience with WordPress and no PHP knowledge you’re going to have some trouble getting your HTML and CSS into a theme until you get at least a little of both.

If you’re good at monkey-see monkey-do learning, even though you may learn some less-than-best-practice in the process, try tearing apart a simple theme to get a feel for how it works. You should be abe to recognize various things as the naming convention is pretty straight forward. eg.

<div id="sidebar">

<?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar() ) : ?>
<!-- using widget dynamic sidebar all stuff in the if is moot -->
	<?php wp_list_pages('title_li=<h2>' . __('Pages') . '</h2>' ); ?>
	<li id="archives">
		<h2><?php _e('Archives'); ?></h2>
		<?php wp_get_archives('type=monthly'); ?>

*The __() and _e() are gettext functions for translations.

I assume you know PHP?