Failed when link between Apache and php

Hi all,

i was face a problem when in reinstall apache ,php and mysql after my laptop was reformat that is when i wish to test whether the php have work or not,

i was typing on a part “localhost”, and the output is


and why not a purple screen??

can anyone tell me that whether i has configuration the wrong part??

Thank and very appreciated


It means that Apache isn’t sending the request to PHP to process.
Check your Apache/ PHP configuration.

You could try instead of localhost, but if your Apache settings do not seem to be off you could look at your hosts file (win32)

C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts <-that is where mine is, anyway.       localhost       pma

You can always throw your hands in the air and just reinstall wamp.

i am install 3 of all in separated file that is Apache, PHP and Mysql in my Win 7 64 bits, is that anyway for me to fixed this problem???