WAMP - PHP doesn't work, or localhost?

First time using WAMP, as I really want something to do. So basically, when I go to http://localhost/, Firefox says it’s unable to connect. And, even if it did work, where would I put the files to display my website?

Have you “started all services” on WAMP? Have a look in the computer’s Hosts file, what entries does it have for either localhost or ?

For files, they go in folders off of the www folder. http://localhost on a wamp server will normally display a page that lists all your projects “sites”, it’s generally one folder per site

EDIT: WORKED! How come it wasn’t localhost though?
Edit2: How do I get MySQL to work? And what is the password for the console?

Try adding this line in your HOSTS file: localhost

What host file?!

And how do I get MySQL working, and whats the password to the console?

My hosts file is located here:

I think your password can be found by:

  1. clicking on the Wamp Taskbpopup menu
  2. select MySql
  3. open my.ini

Search for password and enter your password. Save the changes, close the file then stop and restart the services before trying your MySQL console.

Google is your friend if you want instant solutions.