Heard of trade doubler?

Yes, good solid company. It’s like a BeFree, LinkShare, or CJ for Western Europe.

Can second that. Never had any problems in a LONG running association with them

Tradedoubler are most probably the biggest affiliate network based in the UK.

Yes, TradeDoubler was actually the very first affiliate network I ever worked with. Unfortunately my audience’s response to the ads wasn’t as great as I had hoped for, so I relatively quickly moved on to others.

Tradedoubler is great but I don’t think the traders on there are quite so good.

Certainly they have some big names in the UK retailing industry. From memory they have companies like currys, argos, BT etc

Tradedoubler is professional as far as the business end is concerned, but very bad technologically. They waste eons of bandwidth and degrade the speed of the web pages where I have their ads. Today they posted a banner ad on one of my sites that was over 600K large. I checked it with SmushIt, and it could have been reduced by 85% without loss of quality.

They send out ads that load slowly, force the site to use lots of DNS lookups (each taking 100-300ms), use slow redirects, and even load images from exceedingly slow servers hosted by their advertisers. Be prepared for 5-15 second delays (average, in bad cases up to 35 seconds) in loading your sites or pages even for customers/viewers with broadband connections!