Heading tags increase font size

I am trying to integrate heading tags within my website. But whenever I use h2 tags, the font size increases. Is the font size supposed to increase when using h2 heading tags? Is there anyway that I could have the fonts remain the same size while using h2 tags? Thanks.

Yes the font size of the more important Headings, e.g. H1 an H2 are typically rendered in a larger font than a paragraph P element because they are headings and not body text. HTML is designed to describe the structure, not the presentation of the document. http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/sample.html With CSS you could set the font size and so-forth. Something loosely on the lines of: h2 { font-size : 1em; }

As Robert says, you can use CSS to change the visual appearance of headings in any way you want. In terms of making them the same size as the rest of the text, that’s perfectly possible … although if you aren’t going to make the text any bigger than the rest of the content, you have to ask yourself if it really wants to be in an <h2>, because usually you want headings to stand out a bit.