Resizing <H1> tags and impact on SEO

So I have read in several places that <H1> and <H2> tags can tell google what the page is about which helps with SEO. Also several “SEO Site Check” tools pointed to this in my website since I had none.
So I changed the heading in each of my pages with <H1> tags but it looks so huge. If I resize it with font-size: 1em; would it still be considered an <H1> tag by google? Is this a good practice?

Yes - that’s exactly the right way to go about things.

Use the HTML heading tags in the correct hierarchical manner, and use CSS to alter the appearance to fit with your design. Search engines care about correct HTML usage, not appearance.


It is quite normal to change the appearance of html elements with css. I believe that search engines are mostly style agnostic, except perhaps where it is used for hiding or cloaking content. But the point being it is the html that defines the document structure, so content wrapped in <h1> is considered the primary heading of a page or article no matter what size the css tells it to be.

My only concern is how things will look to real human visitors from a UX point of view. You are free to style your site any way you like, but users would expect the main heading (or any heading) to be distinguished in some way from ordinary body text. Making it the same size as body text won’t help that, though there are many other ways like bold, italic, different font or colour to differentiate it. Using the same size does not offer much scope for styling different levels of header, if indeed you have multiple levels of header. It does not have to be the full default size of h1, but it may be a good idea to make it at least a little bigger than normal text.


even though H1 tag is resized, it is obvious and very distinguishable from the body text.
Thank you for your input @SamA74

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Thank you @TechnoBear, I always avoided H1 tags but now I have no reason to.

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Have you noticed some sites set the h1 heading tag to a darker colour try than the body text?

Please don’t make the body text too light, #333 seems about right.


well try to use h1 and h2 tags with good hierarchy not in reverse order.

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