Header tags and css

Given that Firefox severely shrinks down the text size of <h> tags far out of context, at the same time, is manipulating these with css possibly a dangerous practice to get into as seen from the search engines?

h3 {font-size: 15px; font-weight: 900; }
  • Don’t see another way around this.

Could you say more about what you mean by that? I’m not aware of any problem with FF and headings. FF (like other browsers) normally renders headings a bold by default.

It may not be the bold value so much as the font size. Just view a <h3> in Firefox and IE, you’ll see what I mean. It’s much reduced.

Generally I see no difference, but it may depend on the font you are using.

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif

The search engine probably doesn’t care if you are making the text 15px or 60px via CSS. Though it may matter that you are using the element appropriately/correctly.

If you are talking about the default size of heading elements then that is down to the browser and will vary from browser to browser.

You are the designer - not the browser so set the appropriates size for your elements that suit the design that you are making and the they will be the same for all.

It’s the same reasoning that you should address the margins and padding on the elements you use because all browser supply defaults and these defaults vary wildy between browser.

As mentioned above search engines don’t care what size you set your headings unless you are doing something to fool them such as setting the font-size to zero and then stuffing millions of keyword into them. Normal use of css and html will incur no penalty.

Search Engines doesn’t care its size,color or whatsoever styling,it all cares about the tags it has.It can only see the tags and not the format or styling.