Headers (Total Newbie-Sorry!)

Hi guys,

Let me start out by saying I am a total newbie at this whole thing. I have the basics of XHTML and CSS thanks to sitepoints wonderful book. Anyway just a warning that this is probably a total newbie question and I apologize for annoying you with it.

Anyway I’m just wondering about creating header’s. Do I have to use a photo or other such image I create myself to make a decent header? I wonder is there anywhere on the web I can download images and change them around to fit in a nice header for me without paying or having to link back? (PS I really do not understand the copyright rules/laws regarding using images in this or any other way on a site which is why I ask)

Also I am creating headers and navigation buttons in GIMP. Is this the best way to do them for free or can you recommend another better way to create awesome headers and navigation menus for my site?

Thanks so much guys and sorry about the (probably) noobish questions but I hope to improve my skills. :slight_smile:

if you purchased a photo from shutterstock or istockphoto there’s no problem with that.you can use it the way you want it.but personally you can design your own header.a simple header will do.

Thanks a million for all the replies. I have taken advice on not using images to an extent… I am trying to design simple logos in GIMP and using them instead of having to purchase :slight_smile:

dickie1500: I think it’s worth reinforcing what Black Max stated (in that you certainly don’t need any images to make a beautiful header). Some of the best websites on the Internet don’t use a single image for the layout (they just use subtle background colors instead). Using lot’s of stock photography can get expensive over a period of time, if you try things without images first of all you’ll not only see how the site will look for people who have images disabled, you may find that it looks great on it’s own without adding lots of images which will make the site take longer to load (sometimes speed and simplicity is the most beautiful thing). :slight_smile:

I use istockphoto for a lot of my headers, especially their vector graphics. Makes great looking headers. istockphoto is not free. You have to buy each photo or graphic you use, but it’s well worth it IMO.

Is there anywhere I can get a good stock of graphics, pictures etc. that I can use and do not have to link back, give credit or purchase?


That depends per photographer or artist. I always check… there are a few guys whose stuff I won’t touch because they’re too picky or demand more than I can do.

Most of the people don’t have royalties, model licenses or anything but some do. ALWAYS check the image, and then check the page of the artist/photographer (they’ll say on their page if they just want to see what youve done with their work, require credits, or something else).


Certainly it isn’t required to have a graphical illustration in a header. Some of the most successful sites I know have nothing but a logo (which is, admittedly, usually a graphic), an h1 heading, and perhaps a secondary heading and/or a search box.

And welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

Once you purchase the image it is yours and you can do whatever you want with it … except sell it yourself ;). So you could do whatever you want with it in gimp and would not be required to give credit or link back.

Thank you,

If I do use a picture off one of the photo sites such as iStock for eg. I would want to download it and then edit it in GIMP perhaps adding more things to it. Is this allowed and what would I have to do if I did this? (for example would I have to pay? give credit? link back? etc.)

Ok thanks very much for all the help guys one final final question. Is there anywhere I can get a good stock of graphics, pictures etc. that I can use and do not have to link back, give credit or purchase? something like that microsoft office site in the 2nd post but with a good range of stuff :slight_smile:

Assuming you own a Microsoft product, (like Office or Windows), you have the right to use these images: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/. Now there is no where near the selection you’d get on a site like iStock, but it’s often been helpful to me. Hope this helps!