Have you tried to use the Text-To-Speech application?

Microsoft Text-To-Speech(TTS) voice engine has been installed by default on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, you can find what voice engines have been installed on the computer by following Control Panel->Speech->Speech Properties->Text To Speech tab->Voice selection drop down window. For example, the voice of Microsoft Sam has been installed by default on Windows XP, and Microsoft Anna on Vista, and the voice of Microsoft Anna is of good quality.

I have downloaded the Text-To-Speech freeware panopreter, now I listen to files with it, it is an easy-to-use application, it also converts files into wave and mp3 files, I think it’s better than the Narrator on the Windows XP, Do you think so or do you have any other experience?

For those visually impaired or speech disable, this software is helpful.

Student can learn language with it to improve their listening and pronunciation skills.

Can I change to other voices and how? Thanks!

I have not play with that for a long time…actually forgot about it. Thanks for pointing it out. And thanks for tip.

Yes, there are TTS voice engines from other companies, you can get it by search with Google, Panopreter works well with these voices.

I got a voice from cepstral.com, panopreter works well with it. Thanks!

There are better voice such as Acapela voice. You can get more by goolgle

I have never heard of panopreter, but taking a look it is a really nice program. Much better then the windows XP one. Although the windows XP one is really just a plain and simple one.

I remember the day I played with the Text-To-Speech tool… I made a prank call to one of my friend saying she won a million dollars. lol!