Software that can turn my voice into an US or British accent

Are there any softwares that can convert the audio of non-native english speaker to an english speaker voice.

Not that I know of.
The closest thing is “text-to-speech”.
It has improved a lot over the years, but still has a long way to go. By adjusting various things like speed, pitch, modulation, etc. it can produce “acceptable” audio. By “acceptable” I mean there are still things it doesn’t get right. How uppercase acronyms are interpreted, which syllables get emphasis etc.
And it still sounds digital.

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I tried couple of them by searching the search string given by you.

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Hi there Novicedeveloper,

if you are interested in a “text-to-speech”
example, then check out the attachment. :winky: (9.4 KB)


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wow did you build it? It would have been wonderful if we can also download the audio.

No, the actual text-to-speech “Javascript” came from this site…

…with this script…

I just coded the page so as to display it in a mildly pleasant manner. :winky:

If you wanted to use it non-commercially then you would need to add
this acknowledgement to the page …

  <a href="">ResponsiveVoice-NonCommercial</a><br> 
   licensed under <a href="">
   <img src="" alt="ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech" width="95" height="15">

…to stop the S.W.A.T. squad arriving on your doorstep in the middle
of the night. :eek:



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