Have you made your New Year's Resolutions yet? If so, what are they?

For me, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I can start over any day of the year!!!

To stop using bad language :slight_smile:

I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions because i won’t follow it properly.

Well, at least you’re honest with yourself :lol:

I’m keeping my resolutions a secrets… just in case that I don’t do them :lol:

My resolutions for this year is - not to tell a lie in any circumstances and be honest…

Yes. Online success, get rid of smoking.

I’d like to get a life. Be more active socially. I have isolated my self for 3 years and it’s getting lonelier every time. I am going to finish a project that I have been dreaming about. I hope to be a better person, have more patience, be contented, and to stop thinking too much about things. Ultimately, this year I pray that I’d be able to finally date someone. I mean, it’s been years and I think it’s way too long (like it’s long been overdue…LOL). I need start thinking about sharing a life with someone. I’m not getting any younger. And that’s what everyone in here wants for me this year. So, I hope I’d meet him this year, whoever he maybe. May God help him find his way to me, or me to him.

@Ng_Xen; that’s a lot to do for one year… wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:

I made a New Year’s resolution to market my own business instead of only working on my clients. Too many years now I have let my own marketing slip away and watched as my colleagues and coworker kicked-butt online. I’m tired of being the invisible man online when it comes to marketing my own business. I have helped so many clients get sales.

Then when I move on I’m the one sitting there without a real business even though I basically built three businesses for clients this year. It sucks being the guy people call when they need sales only to be embarrassed by your own personal sales websites. It’s frustrating and I’m not letting that happen this year.

I stopped making New Years Resolutions a few years back…6 or 7 years ago but I was still too young to fully commit to any new years resolutions hopefully this time I’m mature enough and wise enough to stick to them:D

Thank you! But yeah, I know. But I’ve already started on those not thinking too much, be contented, and have more patience. Love life should come along if I don’t keep myself out off the public. I am really an aloof person, but when I’m with friends, I’m like the opposite one. I love to entertain and make people laugh. I just hope that I get to do that for myself this year. \( ’ v ’ )/

@Ng_Xen My New year resolution is exactly the same, to be happy and make others happy and make them laugh in whatever situations they are facing, because being happy, liberates you from all the shackles of loneliness, and isolation, when people are happy they attract persons, situations, and circumstances to make them more happy, so be happy and try and make other happy.

my greet to everyone on this forum site. taking resolution is one thing & to keep sticking with it is another thing. hardly this resolution goes well for a month & then nobody cares. all gets indulged in their busy daily life routine. just do your work sincerely. that’s it.

To be honest to myself and to others . I am practicing this from 20 years .

1 Billion dollars, or 1 Billion euros. Either one is just fine.

Then, I’d rather have 1 Billion British Pounds :slight_smile:

Yeah. But I’ve never been that person, sometimes maybe. I want to be consistent and really mean it. Actually, I have made this January really special by being more open to the person who’s really close to me. I learned to open up and trust people more than before. You know, stuffs like that. When you get more mature, things like these make sense.

I dont have any new year resolution. Because i don’t believe in that. so i don’t waste my time in that.

well, i have tried resolutions before but never worked (as in everyone’s case)… so i have took a resolution not to take any resolution… even that i couldn’t follow :stuck_out_tongue:

yo, dawg, i put a resolution in your resolution, so you could follow it, even if you dont