New Years Resolutions:

Hi all,

Greetings from bluebelt,
Lets share our Resolutions for 2010.
I will start with myself.
Well my resolution is I will spend more time with family and friends this year.
Lets share yours…

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for me it’ll be less profanity in my everyday chit chat! :shifty:

give up bad habits

hi guys
wish you happy new year.
As well as the concern regarding to new year resolution. i well spend more time with my family and also complete my MBA…

I will quit smoking.

My new years resolution is to make $500.00 a week in adsense. :lol: like that’ll happen.

Nah my new years resolution is to spend more time with my family and less time checking adsense stats.

My new years resolution is 1366 x 768… a bit of a quirky one I know but my laptop was happy with my choice :lol:

[FONT=“Georgia”]2010 is photography year.


[FONT=“Georgia”]Feck yeah!


:rolleyes: if thats all i was saying i wouldnt have a problem!

What is your newyears resolution?

Mine: Get a real job hehe…

Dang! Alex, you stole my idea!!! :frowning: Very funny though. :slight_smile:

My resolution is - not to take resolution!!! As I am never able to follow it!! Experience 3 yrs in not following resolution.After 10 days the resolution sucks man!!

Resolutions are throw-away wishes. If you really want to achieve something set a definite, achievable goal. :wink:

I made a new years resolution never to make another new years resolution (years ago) and so far I’ve kept to it. My goal for this year is to get some friendly clients and my business flourishing (currently it’s been constructing the site and getting published). Last year was an amazing year for me, this year has started well too! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year and hopefully you might achieve your new years resolution all of you guys… Have a Great Year to come :cool:

My new year resolution is to NOT click on crappy GC posts. I am a compulsive clicker.

To be more religious.

Make money and putting some of the past aside.