Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

Ten New Years Resolutions every Web Developer should make

This is a well written article that makes some great points.
Personally, I have resolved to a few of these already -just in the course of the year.

But I think that it would make me happy to add one or two each new year. There simply seems never to be enough time!

A fantastic article once again from the tuts+ people.
I have definitely set myself some New Years Resolutions: HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript to say the least.

The taking care of yourself resolution is a fantastic one. This year was a year of taking care of myself, due to working 9 to 5, and even though I had to work everyday, get up early etc, i feel so much better for it and i’m now a lot sharper than I was when I was lazying about in crazy hours.

I also hope to generate a Passive income. Not sure how, but it’s something I’d like to address.

Fantastic article and should be taken into consideration by all.

That was reaaly an interesting article.Enjoyed reading it.