Have you ever been cheated before?

Recently, I was almosted cheated. Some bad guy stole my friend’s qq and pretend to be her. Then he asked me to purchase something online for him. Luckily, i felt something was wrong judging by the tone of his words. I asked for his number, then he became silent, then i knew he was not my friend.
The other day, i was shocked by a couple who sold bananas. The man tear the corner of my money off, i don’t know the reason, but he had torn 3 of 10 dollars. Have you ever encounted such strange thing?

I went to this thread thinking it was some form of cheating in a relationship.

Anyway, I guess we all have been cheated in some way. :slight_smile: But, that tearing of money seems to be really really weird.

Yeah everybody has been cheated atleast once probably. Let me give my outrageous (non relation related) cheat story!

I was going to America for exchange student program. I was supposed to stay with a nice family. mom, dad & son.
When I arrived I noticed 3 older men. One wearing a wig. That was the mother.
They were all high on weed and booze and the ‘‘mother’’ was high on crack she said.
I lived with them for a couple of months but they kept stealing my money, didn’t gave me a bed and little food.
So a LOT happened and I finally ran away.

It’s a long story but I was WÄAAAY cheated :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: I thought the same way. And yeah, I’ve cheated on, in a relationship, just to be clear.

Yes many times by friends because they always copy my work and when i ask for something they never give me their work to copy lol but np it make me self dependent.

My friends many times have cheated me. And i always let it go. They keep entire burden of work on me & at the end after getting the outcome they pretend as i have done nothing but they did it. They stole my ideas & used it in their work to get good remarks. There many more stories as we all have at least once suffered in cheated situations. But we should learn to cope up with it.

My boyfriend had cheated with me once and broke off with him :stuck_out_tongue:

Well ! my best friend cheated me and I was broken…

I think all people make mistakes. I am not sure that know at least 1 person who wasnt been cheated at all. everything depend how you gonna react and if you are ready forgive. And yes i have been cheated before but doesnt make bitter but stronger.

Right !
A few days ago I also cheated by some guys in a Market. They make a noisy situation then cut my Pocket. They took all money from my pocket. Lastly I was unable to buy anything. I back home with empty hand That was really a wonderfull Experience to me.
When I remember it I Laugh alone.

yes all people are cheated by anyone.my business partner was cheated me.