Has flippa lost it?

I used to remember the time, when sitepoint had a section for selling websites, then they moved to flippa.com

I don’t see any good sites there for sale, the pages looks so confusing, things are scattered all over.

I think most of their money is made from small less than $100 junk website sales.

They should have just kept their old format on sitepoint.

Stuff is cyclical.

Flippa was split off in 2008 or 2009 (I think), and having your own domain and site was all the rage. Nowadays people are more willing to let their social media presences talk for them, and unless they’ve got something to sell, they’re not creating as many sites as they used to.

I don’t think huge sales were ever the target audience of flippa either - I certainly don’t remember anything huge ever being sold here on the forums or in the marketplace. And that portion of the forums was really more problematic than bringing value to the forums. Most of us (on both sides of the business perspective) were glad to see it split from the forums.


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