Sites Not Getting Sold On Flippa

What is going on at, it doesn’t seem like sites are getting sold again. I listed a site that is making close to $400 per month with over 250 unique articles but no one is bidding on it.

The site already made $127 this month which means it probably will surpass $400 for this month yet the highest bid was $1500 from someone who is not even willing to pay the $1500 when I contacted her.

Anyone experiencing the same thing?

IMHO there are so many scammy and semi-scammy sites for sale on Flippa that people are treating all the sites with suspicion.

There was an interesting thread on another board where some buyers hang out where several people said they weren’t going to Flippa much anymore because there was just too much junk to weed through.

Maybe flippa could implement a flippa approved section to the site where you pay an extra few to have your site reviewed by the flippa team. Approved websites would get the flippa seal and buyers would know that approved sites are less likely to be spammy sites.