What the hell is going on with flippa?

Why are people allowed to sell sites on there for dumb ass outrageous prices?

I mean…I know its obvious that it costs to list the site, which is a good thing for flippa…

But what sense does it make to say “Im selling this site for 100K b/c you can make 100K next year if you market it, but right now it hasnt ever made a dime.”

:\ Thats some dumb ass **** right there.

They will only sell their site for that price if someone buys it! The market will decide whether it’s a reasonable price or not. :slight_smile:

just to get the attention of people

there’s great money to be made on flippa. you’re focusing on the wrong things

No one sells a website if it is already making a consistent money. Just based on few months stats it cant be decided if it will make money in a long run. But then there are people who can monetize a website in their own way. So it is upto the buyer to decide if it can be a good deal for him. Also btw most of the sellers can easily sell at at 10x per month income.

Could you please elaborate a bit? Why is he focusing on the wrong things? And what would be the right things?

Why not? I’m sure there are lots of reasons one would sell a site that makes a consistent amount of money? Well running companies are sold all the time (for loads of money), why not websites?

In the last year I’ve bought around 10 sites off of flippa, and all of them were neglected and sold for an extremely low price. So, not only did they sell for a very low multiple, with some simple changes you can often double the income a lot of the sites on there generate.

Instead of just *****ing about pricing on flippa on internet forums, he could be snapping up these deals, as there are A LOT of them. If he’s starting internet threads to complain about **** he has no control of instead of just buying stuff that’s a steal, he’s not going to go anywhere as an entrepreneur.