Gunngo - $50 for Check cancellation?


I am using Gunggo ad network since last 6 months and never received any payment, when they sent my my Check got lost in post.

Now when I am requesting them to re-issue my payment they are saying $50 will be charged for cancelling the previous Check.

I believe $50 is too much, ValueClick never charged me for cancelling the Check.

What do you think about this?

That is probably what their bank is charging them for cancelling and so is outside of their control.

But don’t you think $50 is too much? Do you think any bank would charge this high?

lol yeah. It’s ridiculous.

Granted I haven’t worked with ad networks, but it seems ridiculous to me that you’d have to pay anything over 0. Your post service screwed up here, and it was the ad network who chose to use the post service. Seems to me the ad network should either eat the loss or go after the post service for compensation. But I definitely don’t think they should be charging you a fee for their failure to get your payment to you.

A few years ago I asked my bank what I could do about a couple of “stale” checks (sent but not cashed after a long time).

They wanted $25

So yes, $50 does seem a bit high.

Refuse to pay it and eat the loss.

Is that 50 US$? I ask because the site is registered to a Canadian address. 35 US$, which seems to be the going rate according to the link @mawburn posted is around 46 Canadian$.

Yes they said 50 USD and their account is with BMO Bank of Montreal.

I contacted their bank to ask about the charges and they said we charge $12.50 to stop payment of a singe check in case of lost. This is also mentioned on their website.

So? don’t pay the $50 fee. Sorry, but I fail to see what your problem is with this.

Lol! I posted this to know if someone else had similar problem or ever paid this much high fees for cancelling the check to any ad network. Simple !!

And as you have seen, yes, this is within “normal” (albeit more than might be expected) fee charges.

I mailed a check to my electric company to pay my bill, but presumably it got lost in the mail because they never received it. I told them they owed me $ to cancel the lost check. They laughed then billed me for late payment.

Ok, that was a fictional story, but the point is the electric company’s response was appropriate. They’re not responsible for my lost check. And neither should you be responsible for your ad network’s lost check.

EDIT: Sorry for saying basically the same thing as my last post. It just seems so absurd to me that they would charge a fee for a screwup that happened on their end.

I know my ad network is not responsible for it but my concern is why they are asking me to pay $50 for cancel the Check.

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