Canadian Netrepreneurs or American Netrepreneurs who live outside the US

Hi all,

While I do have a workaround on how to pay myself via my US bank account in the States, I am held hostage by Scotia bank b/c no other bank will let me cash my US cheques & get the money immediately. It’s always a 21 day hold, mind you PC financial allows that, but only b/c I’m in a border town now & their ATMs do the exchange rate right on the spot which I love.

It took me a few years to finally find a Scotia branch that would let me do that & every time they put the exchange rate on hold (stupid I know & now of course there is no exchange rate b/c I’m losing money), I have to call the branch & get them to take the hold off the few dollars.

So what do you guys do if you are Canadian & have a US merchant account & only make USD? How do you get the money into your Canadian account? I assume you all have a US bank account like I do.

I also want to know what Americans do if they live in some other country & again, their merchant account & bank are in the US.

How do you cash your US checks in order to support yourself? I assume the banks in Central & South America are even worse.

No bringing up Pay Pal :), I only care about real merchant accounts. We don’t take Pay Pal.

Thank you