Graphics help

I have a property website; in this several properties will be listing on daily basis, which will effect on the accessing and downloading time of the site. Does anyone have the same problem; I am looking for help from the all the professionals who are developing a site. In software industry daily new updates are coming, Could you suggest me the any alternate option for the property listing. I am appreciating the help from everybody.

This is a strange question, mariya. This is the situation for all websites. It’s not clear why you are posting this as a graphics question. Could you elaborate on your question a bit? What are you really asking?

My understanding is that if you have a website with increasing numbers of images being uploaded daily ie. submissions or listings - that you worry it will impact on website performance.

This shouldn’t represent much of an issue these days. Both traffic and hosting can be unlimited for just a few $$ per month now, let alone commercially.

So long as your template or listing page doesn’t request full sized images you should be fine. There are lots of these types of websites around and what you are trying to do isn’t anything new. So there are solutions.

I would like to say same here , in property site we are working on all the new project and at same time we are updating that new listing in the site, through that it might be affect on the performance of the site . My simple question is that I am looking for any alternate solution for adding property picture to my website, so it will not affect my website performance.

Don’t assume that it’s a simple question, as people can write whole books on optimizing websites.

What do you mean by ‘performance’?

Your question is a bit vague. As long as you don’t have too much on a single page, and as Slackr said the images aren’t too large, there won’t be a problem.

‘Performance’ could relate to page load speed, or SEO, or … you need to be more specific.